Are you experiencing relationship problems? Career blocks? Parenting challenges? Anxiety? Insecurity? Anger? Depression? Fear? …or just feeling stuck?

The Process helps you bring awareness to current behavior patterns that are producing undesirable results in your life, and to shift to behaviors that lead to more positive outcomes.

The Process is integrative psychotherapy delivered in a format that allows you both to work at depth and to experience effective changes in a brief time. An essential goal of the work is to help you bring the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical aspects of your being into a consciously harmonious balance.

While there is an initial focus on the past, including childhood, it is brief: the purpose is to bring heightened awareness to your current life. You will also look at the positive patterns and strengths you developed early in life and continue to enhance them. Compassion for yourself and others, including the adults who raised you and harmed or helped you, is an essential part of this work.

In short, all personal growth work involves healing past wounds in order to transform yourself and create more happiness both in the present and going forward in life.

What it is… 
How it works…
What to expect…

The journey you take at The Institute for Personal Change could be the most beautiful, important journey of your life.  We sincerely hope you’ll take it.

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